The behaviorist  model of hypnosis holds that  our minds are fairly empty at birth. We are born with the fight- flight reflex and only  two fears, the fear of falling and of  loud noises. Everything else is learned.

We begin learning by association and identification.  Every moment your conscious mind is being bombarded with 10,000 bits of information. It stays in your conscious mind for an hour and a half.  Then it is either eliminated or dropped to the critical mind where it is retained for 24 hours. The critical mind considers and categorizes the information as either a “known” or an “unknown”.

Only “knowns” are dropped into the subconscious and become part of  your “life script.”  These “knowns”  may be pleasurable or painful. The mind doesn't know the difference.  If you can either identify or associate with the information or experience  you will let it in.

In its’ evolution, the subconscious mind has become known as modern memory. The subconscious mind equals 88% of the mind.  Each persons positive and negative experiences and thought patterns are etched in their subconscious. A great majority of the content was developed without your say so. It felt familiar, so you let it in.

Hypnosis puts you back in the drivers seat. Hypnotic suggestions enter as positives to replace or override the negatives.

Your thoughts and belief system can be changed to mirror   your hopes, dreams and desires.

You can actually rewrite your life script !




Most people think of hypnosis for breaking self-defeating unwanted behavior patterns such as smoking and weight loss.  This is only one application. Since your thoughts are things and create your reality, anything involving thought can benefit from hypnosis. 

There are many applications.  In medical hypnosis, for example, surgical operations are actually performed without any anesthesia other than hypnosis.  Imagine getting a tooth pulled without needing Novocain! Or having a baby without an epidural.  This is called hypno-anesthesia. Other areas hypnotists tend to specialize in are : Clinical, Therapeutic, Spiritual, Family & Relationships, Sport Performance, Pain Management and Past Life Regression.

Hypnosis is effective for: improving memory; increasing motivation; enhancing creativity and productivity, overcoming test anxiety; peaking athletic performance; correcting sexual dysfunction; resolving relationship problems; removing phobias and fears ...the list is endless. 


At Mind in Sync we specialize in transpersonal Hypnosis. We find that once the person has released emotional blocks and negative thinking they are able to connect with their Higher Selves.  That is when the magic happens!

We go beyond the personal to transcend boundaries and heal all levels of the mind, body and soul. We may address aspects of the relationship between mind and spirit and their effects on one another yet there is no religious orientation. It is a transdenominational approach where clients  explore their own unique spiritual walk through human life.



Contrary to the old conception of hypnosis, the person in a hypnotic trance is not a slave to their “master” - they have absolute free will. In fact, they are hyper-attentive and have laser beam focus and concentration. The mind is clear and focused. This mental environment is ideal for reinforcing thoughts and actions that can manifest goals and dreams.  Much like an athlete, you are “in the zone” while hypnotized.

In this state the subconscious mind is extremely receptive to ideas and suggestions that support your conscious desire for change. Your mind will retain and assimilate positive suggestions and actually replace negative beliefs and limitations-- beliefs and limitations that have resided in your subconscious for years. That is the power of hypnosis.  It can change your life.


The hypnotic state is often characterized as having a dream-like quality. While hypnotized, you are completely aware of what is going on around you, but your conscious mind tends to drift. It is an experience similar to moments when you are falling asleep or just waking up. You are relaxed and content in a wonderfully peaceful state.


Psychologists and scientists have pondered and argued over how and why hypnosis works and yet no one can provide a full explanation.  We have learned a lot about the brain and how it functions. We know about the organs, glands and chemicals that support and facilitate mind. We have learned about the unseen energy bodies and chakra centers from Eastern medicine and esoteric studies. But still, this illusive thing called “thought” remains a puzzle. It seems that understanding how the mind works is as complicated as understanding the nature of the universe. 

Our understanding of hypnosis has advanced a great deal in the past century, but at the end of the day, one must conclude that the practice of hypnotism is an art.

Text Box: Scientists estimate that 88% of your mental  power lies in the  subconscious. 
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 a natural state 
heightened awareness 
where you easily 
take on suggestions, 
listen to inner wisdom
replace limiting imprints 
with those 
that serve you better.
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