What is Infinite Intelligence?

Infinite Intelligence is the Life Force that we all are. You could call it God, Goddess, Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness, All That Is, Divine Intelligence, Allah, Qi, Prana or any other name of your choice. The name doesn’t change what this amazing intelligence is. There also are no words to adequately describe this force. It is beyond our human understanding.

However, we can know when we are connected to this force by the way we feel; those moments of awe looking out into a night sky, or a brilliant sunset. Maybe hearing a child laugh at play, or seeing the love in a loved ones eyes.

We can connect to this force in a myriad of ways also, meditation being a prime example. It is the still small voice we can only hear when we our minds are quiet. It is the flash of inspiration or joy we experience when we are in alignment with our life’s dreams.

The Void of Creation

There is a place of BEING from which all dreams arise. It is the void of creation where the spark of a thought flares in the darkness. And another and another. Until a group of like minded thoughts coalesce into a concept and a new idea is born.

While there is a focus on the idea, on similar thoughts, the idea has a chance of manifesting in the world. The focus is the key. It takes a clear mind and a committed decision to maintain that focus.

Dreams of the Heart

Flashes of inspiration can come while we are in a meditative state, under hypnosis or when we are in the middle of a busy project or watching a movie. Flashes of inspiration contain the seeds of our dreams and when we pay attention to these flashes of inspiration, we are able to begin the process of living the dreams of our hearts.

Our minds can also create enthusiasm for an idea. But it is the heart that is aligned fully with the idea that has the ability to make that dream come true.

When the heart is in alignment with the Infinite Intelligence that it is, that we all are, our own unique dreams that are ours to live have a chance not only of being born, but of surviving into maturity when true fulfillment lies.

Infinite Intelligence

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