Stress Relief CD

Imagine your body free of tension,  you     are calm and at peace with a relaxed optimistic view towards  the future.  No anxiety, no stress, no worries. Totally at ease. This is how it should be. Let us help you achieve this profound sense of relaxation.

¨ Includes Guided imagery

¨ Binaural sound

¨ Deep Breathing technique for tension and symptom control and release

¨ Body scanning

¨ Progressive Relaxation

¨ Stress awareness

¨ Special Place Visualization

Price: $ 20.00

Tap into your subconscious power  and relieve your mind, body and spirit of   accumulated stress. This guided imagery audio program is designed to release your physical tension, create awareness of the stress triggers in your life and equip you with a stress busting  relaxation technique.

Day-to-day living confronts even the most well-managed life with a continuous stream of potentially stressful experiences. It is how you respond to these experiences that determines the impact stress will have on your life.    Stress begins with your appraisal of the situation.   Having effective coping skills such as becoming aware, deep breathing,  and applying mental relaxation techniques can dramatically reduce the stress in your life.

Listen,  learn  and relax!

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