Tap into your subconscious power  and activate your inborn healing abilities with this guided imagery audio program designed to clear and energize your seven major chakras.  Our chakras push our life force through our bodies creating health, well-being and vitality. This program contains positive empowering  images, sound and color visualizations that will clear out any negativity replacing it with the proper healing energy.  

The energy centers within and around  your body are influenced by your thinking patterns.  Positive thoughts create vital energy which flows through your chakra system encouraging harmony and bliss.  Fear, anxiety and stress are common causes of chakra malfunction. Negative thoughts cause energetic blocks and throw you off balance and can create disease.

Listen and learn how to  clear and energize your energy centers.

Energy Balancing

Your natural state is one of high energy, health and vitality.  Clearing negativity from your seven basic chakras will activate inborn healing powers, creativity and intuition.

¨ Includes Guided imagery

¨ Binaural sound corresponding to the seven chakra tones

¨ Esoteric Color visualizations to stimulate each chakra

¨ Encourages the function of the glands associated with each energy center

¨ Stimulates the senses

Price: $ 20.00

The Seven major energy centers “chakras”

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