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Category: Metaphysics , Spirituality


Category:  Healing, Metaphysics

Carolyn Myss is an impressive medical intuitive, a  profound teacher and writer. Excellent information on the Chakra system and energy healing  on this site. 



Category: Mind Body Medicine


Joan Borysenko, PHD,  is a scientist,  psychologist, inspirational speaker, and author.  Excellent books on  healing the mind and body. 


Category: Religion/Spirituality

Agape International Spiritual Center. Church of Religious science.

Text Box: The sites listed below offer interesting food for thought . You will find a wide variety of topics ranging from success & motivation to mind-body healing to metaphysics.


Category: Mythology, Religion

Non-profit organization which continues the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell. Interesting  author on cross-cultural religion and  mythology.


Category:  Books


Great bookstore  specializing in cross-cultural religion, metaphysics, philosophy and social sciences.  On Melrose in LA  but they  ship worldwide.


Category: Hypnosis, Education

Hypnosis Motivation Institute. USA Nationally accredited hypnosis school.


Category: Music


Create your own music using this  online service

Text Box: www.tadjames.com
Category: NLP, Training
Tad James is the creator of the very powerful Time Line Therapy® techniques and training.


Category: NLP

Richard Bandler’s is the Co-developer of NLP, also known as neuro-linguistic programming.


Category: Past Life regression


Highly acclaimed and credible  psychiatrist who paved the way for past life regression. Read Many Lives Many Masters.

Text Box: " We are 
what we believe we are." 

- Benjamin Cardozo


Category: Books

Enormous selection of books on holistic health, healing, meditation, psychology, quantum physics, social science etc.  Workshops, lectures in Chicago.


Category: Health & healing

Community information source on diseases, disorders and chronic illnesses.


Category:  Training, Books & Audio

An energetic motivational coach  known for his books, seminars and corporate training on  peak performance.


Category: Education, Developers of Hemi-Sync


Workshops and audio programs that expand human consciousness.  Monroe was a pioneer in exploring altered states of consciousness and out- of- body experience.  Check this site out. This is fascinating stuff.


Category: Near Death Experience.


Raymond Moody  MD, world renown expert on the near death experience. Read Life After Life— the 10 million copy best seller.

Text Box: www.baar.com
Category: Products
Holistic health care products.


Category: Psychic


Edgar Cayce sites.  Best documented and authenticated psychic of modern times.  Over 14,000 transcribed readings on file at A.R.E. in Virginia Beach.


Category: Mind Body Medicine, Quantum Physics

Deepak Chopra, MD,  a  leader in alternative medicine.  Courses, programs, books, audio.


Category: Education

Holistic educational provider based in Upstate New York . Great programs in holistic health, meditation, yoga, art, transformational psychology, spirituality and world music and dance.


Category: Education, Audio, Books

Personal development, wealth building, business and success programs.


Category” Education, Books, Audio

Zig Ziglar has dozens of good books and audio programs that will motivate you towards success.


Category: Education, Training

A training organization specializing in success and motivation for business people.  Well respected corporate programs.

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Mind in Sync Hypnosis

Text Box: Wellness ∞ Success ∞ Personal Growth ∞ Spiritual Development

Mind in Sync Hypnosis

19360 Rinaldi St. Suite 422

Porter Ranch, California




Text Box: www.mindinsync.com